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wood fly fishing nets

We don't sell anything we don't use ourselves.  Edgewood Outdoors founder, Brian Lansing, is also a fly fishing guide and puts our wood fly fishing nets through the rigors of 100+ days/year on the water and still uses the same nets he made when the idea struck to craft his own.  Each net is handcrafted with the care and passion as if it were to be our own.  From selecting hardwoods, to ripping hoop strips for bending, shaping handles, gluing, sanding, finishing, and lashing netting to the hoop, everything is done by hand.  Our nets have beauty, style, and are finely handcrafted to last, net fish (or your buddy's fly box after he drops it in the drink) and look good doing it.  We pride ourselves in craftsmanship and are confident we are selling you a premium product made proudly in the U.S.A. by fishermen, for fishermen(women).

These are wood products made to be used.  Wear and tear (scuffing, scraping, scratching, fish slime, etc.) is natural.  All nets are finished with 3-4 coats of satin spar-urethane finish.  Catch and release rubber netting is used on all nets to help protect our finned friends we love catching and to make your life easier untangling lines, flies, lures, and fish.  All netting is lashed to the frame with 30lb. fly line backing.

We have 4 sizes of nets to choose from (brookie, medium, large, and big).  While some nets are only stocked/listed in a certain size, we can craft most styles to any of the 4 sizes.  Please email us to talk about your options and start your order.  Please understand, your order could take 1-2 months to complete. 

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