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The Featherweight Series of nets was designed for those who are looking for the quality and beauty of a wooden fishing net, but don't want to carry a heavier net around either.  We know carrying heavy gear around the stream banks all day is exhausting.  Any weight we can shed from our gear is helpful, and our nets weigh in at a mere 11-12 ounces.  These nets are made of butternut and walnut, two of the lower density hardwoods.  They are crafted of a butternut handle with 2 laminate strips of walnut and 1 strip of butternut.  As with all of our nets, this net is finished with 3 coats of waterproof satin spar-urethane and comes with clear rubber netting.

Featherweight Series - Butternut Handle

  • medium net dimensions:

    • overall length:  24"-25"
    • opening length:  14.75"
    • opening width:  11.75"
    • hoop circumference:  43"
    • net depth:  13"
    • wood thickness:  .75"
    • handle width at narrowest point:  about 1.5"
    • 11.5 ounces
  • Please note every handle is different from the next.  The grain, shade, and color of the wood will vary slightly from net to net.

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