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  • Does Edgewood Outdoors warranty their products?
    We stand behind our products 100%. We cannot offer a warranty policy because of the nature of the products we sell. We sell products to be used in the outdoors. Wear and tear, scuffing, fading, etc. is natural with use and over time. However, should you have a problem with your product breaking and feel that it was the result of a defect, please email us and we will be happy to discuss the issue. It may be that it was fault of our own and you will be issued a replacement.
  • Where are your products made?
    Our products are handcrafted right here in the U.S.A. We take pride in our craft and everything we make is carved, cut, bent, fitted, and finished in our small shop in East Syracuse, NY. While we strive to have, and are hopeful to have, every tool and every part we use crafted in the U.S.A., some tools and parts used in carving, assembling, and finishing our products come from outside of the country at the moment. We are continually seeking new avenues within the U.S. to have every part of our products and our tools made in under our Red, White, and Blue as well. Any apparel comes from clothing manufacturers who make and print our products here in the U.S.A.
  • My net is wearing out and the rubber net bag could use replacing. Does Edgewood Outdoors have a service to refurbish and restring my net?
    We do! All of our products are designed to last a long time and be passed down to future generations, but we know that things need some love from time to time. While we do offer service to refurbish and restring a net, please understand this process takes time and is costly. Another option is to contact us and let us know which net of ours you own and we'll be happy to give you some pointers on taking on the project yourself. For those who are not blessed with year round fishing opportunities, refinishing and stringing your net could be a great offseason project!
  • Are there any special care instructions for nets?
    The only care necessary is leaving your net out to dry thoroughly as you would with the rest of your gear. Other than drying your net after each outing, the only other care needed is affection by using it to scoop fish. It is always best to store it out of direct sunlight. Don't leave it in the trunk of your car too often either. The extreme heat could cause degredation over time. Don't leave it on the roof of your vehicle either. That could really stink. Don't get mad at losing a fish and swing your net into a tree or rock either. You won't like the results and they will probably make you even more angry.
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