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guided fly fishing trips

Guided fly fishing trips, outings, and lessons are available with Brian Lansing, the owner/founder of Edgewood Outdoors.  In addition to handcrafting fly fishing nets and woodworking, Brian has a deep passion for fly fishing and growing the sport.  Trips and are tailored to meet your skill level.  Trips around Central New York take place on our fine local small-medium sized streams for wild and stocked brown trout.  We are blessed with very good year round fly fishing opportunities on our beautiful streams around Syracuse.  Specially booked guided trips to Cape Cod for striped bass and bluefish are available as well.  When Oneida Lake freezes in the winter months, ice fishing trips are offered in attempt to jig up yellow perch and walleye, both of which are excellent table fare.  Please visit or hit the "learn more" button below to take you to his website.

Guided fly fishing in Upstate and Central New York
Fly fishing guide, Brian Lansing, with a big Cape Cod striped bass.

Brian is a fully licensed and insured fishing guide.  Trips are open to all and are tailored to your skill level.  New to the sport and looking to find an activity to connect you to the outdoors?  Perfect!  Brian is an advocate of growing the sport, teaching, and getting everyone involved in the outdoors.  Are you an experienced angler visiting the area?  Are you an intermediate or experienced angler looking to learn new skills from advanced nymphing to streamer fishing?  Excellent!  Trips are tailored to fit you.

Central NY Brown Trout
Fly Fishing in Central New York
Fly Fishing in Central New York
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