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Edgewood Outdoors handcrafted wood fly fishing net

handcrafted fly fishing nets

Edgewood Outdoors Handcrafted Wood Fly Fishing Nets

fine, hand-crafted wood sporting products

At Edgewood Outdoors, we hand craft wood products for sportsmen and women to be used in streams, rivers, lakes, and fields as well as products for when you come home.

From finely crafted wood fishing nets and fly boxes, to bridle and saddle racks for the barn, to duck decoys, to shelving and cutting boards, we hope we have something for you.

wood fly fishing nets

Our finely hand-crafted wood fly fishing nets made to net fish after fish, and look good doing it.

These nets are made of various types of hardwoods from around the world.

Check back regularly as we are always making limited run productions in addition to our regularly stocked options.

Edgewood Outdoors Handcrafted Wood Fly Fishing Net
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