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This net has a Garapa handle.  Garapa is also commonly known as "Brazilian Hardwood" or "Brazilian Ash".  This hardwood is known for its beautiful golden tone.  On this net, the golden and almost iridescent tone is enhanced by the dark contrast of walnut laminate strips to form the net hoop.  There is also a strip of maple sandwiched between the two walnut strips.  As with all of our nets, this is finished with three coats of clear satin spar-urethane and comes with a clear rubber catch & release net bag.  This net is of the medium/smaller size.  Please be sure to check the size description for the dimensions.

Garapa Handle Net

  • medium net dimensions:

    • overall length:  24"-25"
    • opening length:  14.75"
    • opening width:  11.75"
    • hoop circumference:  43"
    • net depth:  13"
    • wood thickness:  .75"
    • handle width at narrowest point:  about 1.5"
    • weight:  14 ounces
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